Amplifi Talent specialises in finance and business intelligence recruitment. Although two distinct disciplines there nevertheless exists a synergy between how we account for and how we evidence what is happening in our businesses, our customers businesses, and the wider context that we all operate within. Business intelligence reaches across every aspect of a modern, forward looking company – the data already exists but must be captured, made sense of, and put in a format that facilitates and underpins business decisions.

Cloud technology and all-encompassing business solutions have given us the tools to realise the real-time data that is now so vital to a company’s success. It is no longer an option to work ‘outside the system’, in fact many companies view an employee’s willingness to best utilise business tools for the benefit of colleagues and the wider overarching strategy, as a behaviour that should be fully explored at interview stage.

More and more we are seeing data analytics, automation, and systems knowledge being included on role profiles, where previously advanced Excel skills were often the only requirement. Now, instead of advising aspirant finance professionals to broaden their exposure to include financial control, people management, commercial finance, and M&A. We are also directing them towards developing their experience in big data, project management, and technology related transformation. They must develop a ‘fit for purpose’ skill set that will allow them to maximise their talent and potential in a constantly evolving technology-led working environment.

Business Intelligence itself as a discipline is broad in scope, and while there can be a blurred line with accountancy & finance, it is very much a stand-alone specialism. This is evidenced by the shift in emphasis towards technology consulting, systems and analytics, automation, and digital transformation services being offered by the Big 4 consulting firms. Whereas previously their ‘current vacancies’ pages were dominated by audit, tax, and accounting led opportunities, this appears to no longer be the case, there has been a paradigm shift towards data and the provision of business intelligence services. Undoubtedly this shift is being driven by the demands of their clients who may not possess the capability in-house or know where to source these skills in the market.

If 2020 has shown us anything it is that the past is longer an accurate indicator of the future – we require real-time analysis of validated data, evidence, and intelligence – to allow us to make informed choices in business, and in life. To be successful in these intelligence-led disciplines, professionals must seek opportunities where they can gain these skills in the work environment or consider the many training avenues open to them. If you are unsure as to where to start on either front, then we would be happy to utilise our knowledge, experience, and networks to help as best we can.

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Billy McCarthy                                                                                                            

Managing Director