The last week of January is proving to be an extremely difficult time for many struggling people and families as they are forced to make the agonising choice between either eating or staying warm. The effects of Christmas expense and the very cold weather are being felt, and they desperately need support from those who are in a position to give it.

In the last week we visited amazing food banks in Edinburgh ( and West Dunbartonshire ( to drop off supplies, and they are really struggling to meet the unprecedent level of demand for their services.

Food banks are significantly short of items such as tinned vegetables (and in particular, tinned potatoes), tinned meat, tinned fruit, jam, breakfast bars, and anything that you can add boiling water to i.e. pot noodles, pasta / rice mugshots  – due to fuel poverty a lot of their clients are relying on hot water from the kettle for eating, similarly they cannot afford milk (for cereal) due to cost inflation.

Could you help?

We dropped at the warehouses in Edinburgh and West Dunbartonshire (addresses provided below) but there will be food banks accessible in your local area. There are also donation bins in most of the large supermarket chains.

  • 12 New Lairdship Yards, Edinburgh, EH11 3UY
  • Unit 21, Leven Valley Enterprise Centre, Castlehill, Dumbarton, G82 5BN

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to provide, we would be happy to give our time if you would like to help but need some assistance to do so. Please get in touch with Billy or Pam directly – [email protected] /  [email protected].


The Amplifi Talent Team